The Team

Danny - Host and Creator

  I'm a tech geek who loves to collect games and game consoles. I had been finding it challenging to find time to play anything so by creating Zap Night, I aimed to dust off my games and play!

  My favorite genre is J-RPGs and I'm a huge Final Fantasy fanboy. I know its clich√© to say, but Final Fantasy VII is my all time favorite game. But, don't be surprised to get caught into a debate with me over the coolest Pokemon. Gotta catch them all!

Kaylie - Host and Co-Creator

  I'm a lazy smart-aleck lady who enjoys long naps on the couch and traveling (mostly to the fridge.) I started playing games when I was really little after watching my brother play various games back in the day. I hope by joining Zap Night I can return to my love of playing games and revisiting those good old nostalgic feels (and maybe new ones!)

  J-RPGs are also my favorite genre of games to play, Final Fantasy being my favorite series (I'm a long time lover of IX!) I also have a shameful amount of time invested in Pokemon, Animal Crossing & Harvest Moon games. Ah the countless virtual corn I've harvested over the years...