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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Welcome to 2020!

Our first podcast of the year is available now, Pokemon Sword/Shield! We had a lot of fun playing this game as soon as it came out and we had a lot to say. Check out the podcast on your favorite platform or watch our YouTube video version over at youtube.com/ZapNightGaming!

And in case you missed our last Zap Chats, we will be switching to doing two podcasts a month. We will have our review episode on the 1st and a Zap Chats episode on the 15th. Our thrifted games are still going to be a part of Zap Night, but we will have that exclusively on YouTube.

Next month, Danny will be reviewing Resident Evil 4 with a guest and Danny and Kaylie are also getting started on Final Fantasy VII! Danny will be streaming both games on Twitch throughout the month.

As always, thanks for listening and please send us your questions, comments, and/or game suggestions!

- ZapNight Gaming

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