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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year!!

First off, it's January 1st and that means our newest episode is out today! Danny and Lori played Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee on the Switch! Catch the video podcast HERE or check out the podcast blog HERE for the audio and score breakdowns!

2018 was such a fun year for us! We played some great games, and some not so great games. We did a bunch of live streams on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. We added our second review team, Seth and Evan and we even did some live streams with our favorite model, Shannstein!

We did a 2018 recap video live on facebook on new years eve, you can check it out there or on our YouTube channel. We talked about each game we played and some of our thrift shop games we played this year. We showed off a few of our favorite thrift finds of the year too, and if you want to see all the things we've found you can find those photos over on our instagram! We wrapped up the video with a few of the games we are planning to play in the coming months.

This month, Seth and Evan will be chatting about Doom (Switch) on the 15th. Kaylie will be back on February 1st with our Spyro 2 (PS4) review. We've finished that over our little winter break and you can watch Danny's playthrough HERE! Danny will be streaming Final Fantasy V this month for our March 1st review.
As always, thanks so much for listening! We love playing games and sharing our experiences with you guys! Please feel free to send us your questions, comments, and/or game suggestions! We'd love to hear from you!

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