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Thursday, May 4, 2017

May's Podcast is up now!!

Hey Guys & Gals!

We knew April was going to be a busy month for us... So, we decided to spend an evening playing through Cool Spot on the SNES and review it the next day. However, baby boy had other plans! Kaylie went into labor just a few hours after finishing our Cool Spot game play. Two days later, Danny left on a 2-week vacation, which gave us just a week to finish up our review episode. But we did it, and you can check out the details here: #012 - Cool Spot

Pokemon Sun/Moon is on hold for now while Kaylie takes a couple months off to spend time with Brandon and their new baby boy! Zap Night will continue, with Danny and some special guests to fill Kaylie's spot! Up next is Danny and an old friend, Shaun, playing Legend of Dragoon! Catch that episode coming in June! Tentative games for the following months include Mortal Kombat and Sonic!

Thanks for listening and please send us your questions, comments, and/or game suggestions!

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